Tank Coating

Founded in 1997, Pasadena Tank's wholly owned Techcote Division specializes in cost effective shop surface preparation and spray coating applications, specifically in offsite surface preparation and prime coating of field erected parts for API aboveground steel storage tanks.

As a market leader, Techcote prides itself on being a nimble organization with high standards for quality products. Experience is key in the industry and Techcote is proud to have in-house painters with over 50 years of industry experience and a management team with over 30 years combined industry experience.

      Benefits of shop coatings:
    • Avoids potential for damage to adjacent operating equipment from blown grit and dust from field blasting operations.
    • Avoids cost of collection and disposal of blasting media generated by field operations.
    • Avoids cost of overspray remediation of adjacent structures and vehicles from open air spray painting.
    • Avoids costly and ineffective attempts to contain field blasting media and spray paint process.
    • Shop applied prime coatings generally require only power washing, mechanical power tool clean-up, and coating touch-up of welds and damaged areas prior to installing intermediate and finish coats.

      • Techcote has a fully enclosed 30,000 square foot facility on the PTC property that allows for application of high quality coatings products regardless of weather conditions. This helps in maintaining production schedules to meet customer deadlines. Additionally, the 7 acre storage yard allows for receipt and shipment of large items. The Techcote facility is served by both truck and rail.

    The Indoor automated blasting equipment can process tank shell plates 10’ x 40’ and larger and up to 18,000 lbs. Techcote employs manual and automated blasting equipment utilizing non-silica based grits and abrasives. Full QC/QA reports are available upon request.

      In addition to tank parts Techcote specializes
      in shop coating of:
    • Flat plates
    • Structural members and fabricated beams
    • Sheet pile
    • Piping (ID & OD)
    • Fittings (ID & OD)
    • Valves (OD only)
    • Shop tanks and vessels